About me

meI’m 42 and three quarters and live in London with my husband and son. We moved to London from Dubai in 2015 after nine years away. I wrote a blog about living there which turned out to be the inspiration for becoming a writer; the city is also a fitting backdrop for half of my first novel, The PTA Assassin.

I received my MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University in 2015. Until I have a best seller on my hands, I earn actual money from copywriting for start ups, small businesses and charities. You can find out about that here. I also run a theatre company, Story Kitchen Impro, where I perform, direct and teach improvisation, and get to learn all sorts of interesting things about the inner workings of Millennials from my somewhat more youthful team mates.

I am a feminist. I am learning to play tennis. I get terrible hay fever. I can’t stand being idle, but on the other hand I love a cuppa with my friends after school drop off. Being a freelance writer is therefore the┬ábest thing to ever happen to me. If you want to know anything else, follow me on social media or drop me an email and ask me a question. I’ll probably answer unless it’s about 3.15pm and I’m panicking about getting to school pick up on time…